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Picture: “Via Crucis 13” by Maximino Cerezo Barredo                                                                                                 (www. servicioskoinonia.org/cerezo/imagenes/)

   Starting february 2013 several brief brisk pages WITH PICTURES will hopefully appear to tackle the topic of Jesus from a non-theist ( kinda soft atheist) perspective.
Topics won’t sound particularly new but hopefully the content will be:-
what were J’s ethics?
are they relevant today?
did he even exist?
was he divine?
did he rise from the dead?
did he die for our sins?

Comments on original handwritten version
“an extraordinary document”
“not all non-theists are jesusites”
“kinda preachy”
“I want to share this with the team.”

Radical sources I shall be quoting: Borg, Crossan, Ehrman, Pagels, Vermes, Sanders, Wright, Pedersen, Boulton, Cupitt, Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, Hitchens, Jesus Seminar, Mack.

Outside influences:- Liberation Theology especially Miranda and Tamez; Non-violent direct action eg Occupy, Ploughshares; Anarchism eg Christoyanopoulos, Andrews; Quakerism; Humanism eg deBoton, The Humanist mag.; etcetera.


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