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“You are the salt of the earth. But if salt loses its ZING, how will it be made salty? It then has no further use than to be thrown out and stomped on.” Matthew 5:13 (Scholars’ Version) Thinking aloud about religion: a personal polemic by Peter Turner We believe Jesus was a real flesh and […]

Why Every Church Needs a Drag Queen A tattooed, profanity-loving Lutheran pastor believes young people are drawn to Jesus, tradition, and brokenness. Alex Baker / Oriontrail / Shutterstock / Kara Gordon / The Atlantic https://tpc.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-17/html/container.html EMMA GREEN  SEP 3, 2015 “When Christians really critique me for using salty language, I literally don’t give a shit.”This is what […]

  How Trump Is Remaking Evangelicalism A new book shows the fracture lines the 45th U.S. president has created within American Christianity. A woman prays during a church service in Las Vegas where the then-presidential candidate Donald Trump was making a campaign stop.Carlo Allegri / Reuter  by Emma Green, The Atlantic magazine (March 2018 issue) […]

  The Last Temptation How evangelicals, once culturally confident, became an anxious minority seeking political protection from the least traditionally religious president in living memory by Michael Gerson, The Atlantic magazine, April 2018 issue One of the most extraordinary things about our current politics—really, one of the most extraordinary developments of recent political history—is the loyal […]

Why do words like Huckster, Charlatan, Elmer Gantry and Snake-oil Merchant keep coming into my head? I have spent the past two weeks immersed in American evangelicalism. Maybe there’s a connection. I’ve read the tweets and heard the sermons of the 4 preachers described in the previous post – and they make me sick! Jakes, […]

“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the world’s only Christian-atheist blog, written by a retired English science teacher. The last few posts have been part of a burgeoning scrap book. The articles I have cut and pasted into it are all on the theme of Billy Graham and the future of American evangelicalism. I am currently […]

Introduction by Peter Turner (Zingcreed) “As can be deduced from the subtitle of this blog  -“A Christian-atheist polemic” – Zingcreed has little time, patience or sympathy for evangelicalism. I find it dishonest, anti-intellectual and intolerant. Worst of all it betrays the legacy of Jesus, or Comrade Yeshua, as I think of him, and completely distorts […]

Introduction by Peter Turner (Zingcreed)  “Influential former US evangelical Jen Hatmaker caused a sensation when she spoke out in favour of LGBTQ relationships in the church. Her phone ‘exploded’ and her in-tray collapsed under the weight of abusive shrieks from her fellow Christians. In this interview with the respected pro-democrat monthly magazine The Atlantic, she […]