EACH ENTRY HAS NOW BEEN MADE INTO A LINK – JUST CLICK ON IT TO ACCESS THE ARTICLE/POST     A Aarti Abortion -Papal pronouncement – a critique Accelerate manifesto Adventists (Seventh day) –Adventists are racists –Adventists are sexist –Adventist paedophile cover up –Adventists cheer THEIR paedo! Africa, causes of poverty –Ripped off by tax […]

“You are the salt of the earth. But if salt loses its ZING, how will it be made salty? It then has no further use than to be thrown out and stomped on.” Matthew 5:13 (Scholars’ Version) Thinking aloud about religion: a personal polemic by Peter Turner We believe Jesus was a real flesh and […]

Revisioning the Bible A project based on the Bible For over a year now, I’ve been working on a project that has me reading the Bible on a weekly basis. I had to take a break for several months to deal with The United Church of Canada‘sreview of my effectiveness simply because I could not write during the […]

“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the Christian-atheist blog that queries all aspects of the Christian religion. I have often wondered what happened to Ms Gretta Vosper, a minister with the United Church of Canada, since I read her excellent book “With or without God”. I based several Zingcreed Posts on her writings, and I could […]

Of course you do know why donkeys have that marking on their backs don’t you? You remember, that black cross-like colouration of the hide where the rider sits. Let me tell you what I learned in Sunday School (so it must be true) – the cross is there because Jesus sat on it. It passed […]

“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the blog that is looking for paths that lead to Jesus. Zingcreed has a couple of handicaps in this project: the writer (a retired science teacher from London) does not believe in God (that’s one) and second is that he is not the slightest bit interested in the ‘Christ’ figure […]

“A warm welcome to Zingcreed a semi-religious blog which likes to publicize good stuff about Christianity, while slagging off the rubbish. I met Eagle and Rachel last July at the European Christian Anarchist get together, but it’s taken me until now to get my finger out, to penetrate the (to me) incomprehensible thickets of Facebook, […]

“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the only religious blog which looks at the overlap between Christianity and socialism in all its hues. Here is the vision of a communist party putting up candidates for the 2016 US presidential election. Their presidential candidate is Monica Moorehead. Compare their platform with that of the PSL (Post 567). […]

“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, where we look for convergences between Christian teachings and socialism. In this extract from the (London) Guardian for 16/4/16 we see a meeting of minds between the Jewish socialist, Francis Bergoglio and the leader of the world’s Catholics Bernie Sanders. (Just kidding). This could be important. I hope you find […]


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