EACH ENTRY HAS NOW BEEN MADE INTO A LINK – JUST CLICK ON IT TO ACCESS THE ARTICLE/POST     A Aarti Abortion -Papal pronouncement – a critique Accelerate manifesto Adventists (Seventh day) –Adventists are racists –Adventists are sexist –Adventist paedophile cover up –Adventists cheer THEIR paedo! Africa, causes of poverty –Ripped off by tax […]

“You are the salt of the earth. But if salt loses its ZING, how will it be made salty? It then has no further use than to be thrown out and stomped on.” Matthew 5:13 (Scholars’ Version) Thinking aloud about religion: a personal polemic by Peter Turner We believe Jesus was a real flesh and […]

“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the religious blog with a difference – it alone has more questions than answers! This hasn’t impeded the interest it has generated, with viewers passing the 13000 mark this week and appearances on Pinterest and Reddit. In one 4 day period this month Zingcreed had nearly 400 hits. Astonishing! Here […]

As I sat on a wall to eat my haloumi wrap, I noticed a guy further along sitting on the ground with a piece of cardboard held up in front of his face. Before going over to talk to him I finished off my meal, and in that time only one passer by dropped money […]

“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the one blog that manages to be both “Christian-anarchist” and “Christian-atheist” at the same time! Reddit, a social medium I’d never heard of until today, have picked up on this site and are discussing it. Welcome aboard, folks; all points of view welcome: there’s no party line here! I hope […]

THE ASPIRATIONAL POLITICS OF CHRISTIAN ANARCHISM by Peter Turner (European Christian Anarchist Conference, 2015) Forward Both Christians and anarchists want to see a better world, a world without suffering, exploitation and oppression, where all men and women act in solidarity like members of the same family. If you are both an anarchist and a Christian […]

ZINGcreed is a new Christian-anarchist online magazine. It takes nothing at face value, and questions all aspects of religion and life; It maintains that respect for the church cannot be taken for granted but must be earned; Like comrade Jesus, whose teachings it studies and often admires, it stands outside the tent pissing in….   Zingcreed‘s […]

I have already described Titus‘s enormous impact on Judaeism when he sacked Jerusalem and scattered the Jews to the four corners of the earth. (70 C.E.) I also hinted at the the bewildering effect this had on the gospel writers who were busy in the area scribbling away with their quill pens. How could they […]

“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the post-Christian blog that brings it all together. If you like it , tell others – if you don’t like it tell me! All comments very welcome: at least then I know someone’s reading this stuff! Hope you find the following interesting, In solidarity, Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.”   TITUS […]


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