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“You are the salt of the earth. But if salt loses its ZING, how will it be made salty? It then has no further use than to be thrown out and stomped on.” Matthew 5:13 (Scholars’ Version) Thinking aloud about religion: a personal polemic by Peter Turner We believe Jesus was a real flesh and […]

I’ve just got to pass this one on – it’s too good to keep to myself. Gems like this make it worthwhile to listen to UK Christian radio stations while I tend my vegetable plot every day. (Courgettes, anyone? [that’s zucchini for all American readers]) This is from Pastor Lucas on Premier Christian Radio last […]

“When you are preoccupied and distracted in meeting let wayward and disturbing thoughts give way quietly to your awareness of God’s presence among us and in the world. Receive the vocal ministry of others in a tender and creative spirit. Reach for the meaning deep within it, recognising that even if it is not God’s […]

A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the world’s only Christian-atheist blog, where your beliefs may be reinforced or shattered. I’m a radical, so my line doesn’t appeal to everyone, but with almost 50,000 hits so far it seems that  people all over the world are interested in what I’m saying. Feedback tells me that my readers […]

Here is a man with great influence in the media using his power to stop sick people going to the doctor. It is his mistaken view that Jesus can cure every ailment including cancer and heart disease. People desperate enough to accept his guidance face a downward spiral of worsening health possibly leading to death. […]

The church resolutely holds to the moral low ground as it pedals old fashioned opinions long abandoned by secular society. It not only behaves as though this was the 13th century, its insecure members even issue death threats against those Christians who dare to think and behave differently. “Who would want to belong to this […]

And the service was only half an hour long! It was a TaizĂ© service derived from the practices of a community of 100 brothers in France who dedicate their lives to justice and peace. A friend invited me to the evening service after work. He goes frequently but unfortunately he missed this occasion. If he’d […]

A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the world’s only Christian-atheist blog. Our motto is “More Jesus, less Christ, No god”. With nearly 47000 hits since it started, Zingcreed may be making a slight impact on organised Christianity, although I rather doubt it. We’re just ahead of the pack, almost trend-setting you might say, although I’ve no […]